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 # Download
-You can download source tarball release from the
-[cairo release area](/releases/).
+You can download released versions of cairomm from the
+[cairo release area](/releases/). 
-If you want bleeding-edge code, or
-if you want to help out with development, you can also
-check out cairomm from git.
+## Git Repository 
+If you want bleeding-edge code, (or if you want to help out with development of cairomm), you can also
+check out cairomm from git. Anybody can checkout the latest source code **anonymously** with the following command
-For instance, use
+    git clone git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairomm
+You can commit changes to your local repository but will not be able to push them to the central repository.  
+**If you are a developer** with a freedesktop.org account and would like to be able to push your changes to the central repository, you should use the following command to checkout the latest source code (notice the lack of the git:// protocol prefix and the ':' after the domain name):
     git clone git.cairographics.org:/git/cairomm
-if you have a developer login, or use
-    git clone git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairomm
-for an anonymous checkout.
+This will use ssh to perform the checkout and will require you to have a freedesktop.org account.
+You can update a local repository by pulling the changes from the central repository with the command:
+    git pull origin
+when you've made some changes, you can commit them to your local repository with the command:
+    git commit -a
+After you've made one or more commits to your local repository and you want to push them out to the central repository (if your repository was checked out with the developer command above), you can do so with tthe following command:
+    git push origin
-Freedesktop.org has some instructions on
-[using git](http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Infrastructure/git). You can also view the code online with [gitweb](http://gitweb.cairographics.org/?p=cairomm.git;a=tree).
+Freedesktop.org has some additional instructions on
+[using git](http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Infrastructure/git/Developers). You can also view the code online with [gitweb](http://gitweb.cairographics.org/?p=cairomm.git;a=tree).
 # Documentation

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