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Date:   Thu Jul 12 07:17:48 2007 -0700

    A bit more git information about setting your name and how to generate patches

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@@ -27,7 +27,10 @@ You can commit changes to your local repository but will not be able to push the
     git clone git.cairographics.org:/git/cairomm
-This will use ssh to perform the checkout and will require you to have a freedesktop.org account.
+This will use ssh to perform the checkout and will require you to have a freedesktop.org account.  Be sure to set you name and email properly so that your commits get properly attributed.  You can do so as follows (using your real name and email address, of course):
+    git config --global user.name "John Doe"
+    git config --global user.email john.doe at domain.com
 You can update a local repository by pulling the changes from the central repository with the command:
@@ -41,6 +44,17 @@ After you've made one or more commits to your local repository and you want to p
     git push origin
+If you don't have a developer account (and thus can't push directly to the central repository), but would like to have some of your local changes incorporated into the central repository, you can create a patch with the following commands:
+    # there are several commits on your local branch
+    git format-patch origin
+    # this will spit out a separate diff for each commit as a file named
+    # 0001-description-of-first-commit.txt
+    # 0002-description-of-second-commit.txt
+    # ...
+You can then open a bug and attach these patches so that someone with a developer account can apply them.  Alternatively, if your git repository is somewhere that is publicly accessible via the web, you can simply email one of the developers and request that they pull from your repository.  When creating patches, you should remember to patch the ChangeLog as well with a description of what you've changed.
 Freedesktop.org has some additional instructions on
 [using git](http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Infrastructure/git/Developers). You can also view the code online with [gitweb](http://gitweb.cairographics.org/?p=cairomm.git;a=tree).

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