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    Clarifying step 4 of windows build instructions

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@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ Studio](http://cairographics.org/visualstudio/) page for more details.
 * Download and install zlib. Build zlib from its /projects folder, and use LIB RELEASE configuration.
 * Download and install libpng. Build libpng from its /projects folder and use LIB RELEASE configuration.
 * Install the MozillaBuild environment from here: [MozillaBuild](http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Windows_Build_Prerequisites#MozillaBuild)
-* Copy the cairo-features.h file from [cairofeature.h](http://cairographics.org/visualstudio/) in cairo\src
+* Edit the cairo\src\cairo-features.h file to lo look something like [this example of cairo-features.h](http://cairographics.org/visualstudio/cairofeatures.h)
 * If you chose the default install path, you'll find in c:\mozilla-build several batch files. Open the one corresponding to your version of VC++, and modify the include and lib paths. You'll need to add the zlib and libpng include and lib paths. Also include <your repository>\cairo\src, \cairo\boilerplate, and \pixman\pixman to the include paths
 * Launch the batch file you just modified. It'll open a mingw window. Ignore the error messages that might appear at the top of the window
 * We'll now build everything in debug configuration. For release, replace CFG=debug by CFG=release

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