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Bryce Harrington bryce at kemper.freedesktop.org
Thu Sep 18 12:27:20 PDT 2014

 AUTHORS |    6 ++++-
 NEWS    |   69 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 README  |   30 ++++++++++++++++++---------
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New commits:
commit 54670ec13d64efa94f552b5473c1f15a9db1cecd
Author: Bryce Harrington <bryce at osg.samsung.com>
Date:   Wed Sep 17 20:27:13 2014 -0700

    AUTHORS: Add Ravi, myself, and a couple other frequent contributors

diff --git a/AUTHORS b/AUTHORS
index a977e73..d85696f 100644
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ John Ellson <ellson at research.att.com> First font/glyph extents functions
 Michael Emmel <mike.emmel at gmail.com> DirectFB backend
 Miklós Erdélyi <erdelyim at gmail.com> Fix typo leading to a crash
 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org> Huge piles of bug fixes, improvements, and general maintenance
+Gilles Espinasse <g.esp at free.fr> Font related fixes
 Larry Ewing <lewing at novell.com> Test case for group-clip
 Brian Ewins <Brian.Ewins at gmail.com> ATSUI maintenance (first success at making it really work)
 Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at gmx.de> Fixes for subtle arithmetic errors
@@ -32,6 +33,7 @@ Bdale Garbee <bdale at gag.com> Provided essential support for cairo achitecture se
 Jens Granseuer <jensgr at gmx.net> Fixes to generate proper compiler flags
 Laxmi Harikumar <laxmi.harikumar at digital.com> Build fix
 J. Ali Harlow <ali at avrc.city.ac.uk> win32 backend updates
+Bryce Harrington <bryce at osg.samsung.com> Test cases, bug/typo fixes
 Mathias Hasselmann <mathias.hasselmann at gmx.de> Significant reduction of calls to malloc
 Richard Henderson <rth at twiddle.net> "slim" macros for better shared libraries 
 James Henstridge <james at daa.com.au> Build fixes related to freetype
@@ -49,6 +51,7 @@ Martin Kretzschmar <martink at gnome.org> Arithmetic fix for 64-bit architectures
 Mathieu Lacage <Mathieu.Lacage at sophia.inria.fr> several bug/typo fixes
 Dominic Lachowicz <domlachowicz at gmail.com> PDF conformance fix, fix image surface to zero out contents
 Alexander Larsson <alexl at redhat.com> Profiling and performance fixes.
+Sylvestre Ledru <sylvestre at mozilla.com> Static analysis fixes.
 Tor Lillqvist <tml at novell.com> win32 build fixes, build scripts
 Jinghua Luo <sunmoon1997 at gmail.com> Add bitmap glyph transformation, many freetype and glitz fixes
 Luke-Jr <luke-jr at utopios.org> Build fix for cross-compiling
@@ -62,6 +65,7 @@ Christopher (Monty) Montgomery <xiphmont at gmail.com> Performnace fix (subimage_co
 Tim Mooney <enchanter at users.sourceforge.net> Fix test suite to compile with Solaris compiler
 Jeff Muizelaar <jeff at infidigm.net> Patient, painful, pixman code merge. Many fixes for intricacies of dashing.
 Yevgen Muntyan <muntyan at tamu.edu> win32 build fix
+Ravi Nanjundappa <nravi.n at samsung.com> Static analysis fixes, test cases, skia backend update/fixes
 Declan Naughton <piratepenguin at gmail.com> Fix documentation typos
 Peter Nilsson <c99pnn at cs.umu.se> Glitz backend
 Henning Noren <henning.noren.402 at student.lu.se> Fix memory leak
@@ -88,7 +92,7 @@ Jamey Sharp <jamey at minilop.net> Surface/font backend virtualization, XCB backend
 Jason Dorje Short <jdorje at users.sf.net> Build fixes and bug fixes
 Jeff Smith <whydoubt at yahoo.com> Fixes for intricacies of stroking code
 Travis Spencer <tspencer at cs.pdx.edu> XCB backend fix
-Bill Spitzak <spitzak at d2.com> Build fix to find Xrender.h without xrender.pc
+Bill Spitzak <spitzak at d2.com> Build fix to find Xrender.h without xrender.pc, downscaling support
 Zhe Su <james.su at gmail.com> Add support for fontconfig's embeddedbitmap option
 Owen Taylor <otaylor at redhat.com> Font rewrite, documentation, win32 backend
 Pierre Tardy <tardyp at gmail.com> EGL support and testing, OpenVG backend
commit 33a54e7c204c4bb7fb0f1f2844608a78ea317db4
Author: Bryce Harrington <bryce at osg.samsung.com>
Date:   Wed Sep 17 20:25:37 2014 -0700

    README:  Update required dependencies
    Also adds mention of the skia backend.

diff --git a/README b/README
index 67ce4f5..5926430 100644
--- a/README
+++ b/README
@@ -67,29 +67,31 @@ backends. Further, the supported backends can be divided into the
 "platform" backends which depend on some underlying platform-specific
 system, (such as the X Window System or some other window system).
-As an example, for a standard Linux build, (with image, png, pdf,
-PostScript, svg, and xlib surface backends, and the freetype font
-backend), the following sample commands will install necessary
+As an example, for a standard Linux build similar to what's shipped by
+your distro, (with image, png, pdf, PostScript, svg, and xlib surface
+backends, and the freetype font backend), the following sample commands
+will install necessary dependencies:
     Debian (and similar):
-	apt-get install libpng12-dev libz-dev libxrender-dev libfontconfig1-dev
+	apt-get build-dep cairo
     Fedora (and similar):
 	yum install libpng-devel zlib-devel libXrender-devel fontconfig-devel
-(Those commands intentionally don't install pixman from a distribution
-package since if you're manually compiling cairo, then you likely want
-to grab pixman from the same place at the same time and compile it as
+Technically you probably don't need pixman from the distribution since
+if you're manually compiling Cairo you probably want an updated pixman
+as well.  However, if you follow the default settings and install pixman
+to /usr/local, your Cairo build should properly use it in preference to
+the system pixman.
 Supported, "standard" surface backends
 	image backend (required)
-	pixman >= 0.20.2	http://cairographics.org/releases
+	pixman >= 0.30.0	http://cairographics.org/releases
 	png support (can be left out if desired, but many
 	-----------  applications expect it to be present)
@@ -179,10 +181,18 @@ Experimental surface backends
 	packages and developer dependencies are available at Netlabs:
+	skia backend
+	------------
+	Requires the skia library as of June 2014.  Since skia is not
+	API stable, building against newer (or older) versions of skia
+	will probably fail.
 See the INSTALL document for build instructions.
 Cairo was originally developed by Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> and
commit d1fa4d44fe6b70eba6d5f620c5c4a6c122cc7fc8
Author: Bryce Harrington <bryce at osg.samsung.com>
Date:   Wed Sep 17 20:04:01 2014 -0700

    NEWS:  Bring up to date with recent bug fixes.

diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index e98be61..31f7e9d 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -1,7 +1,15 @@
 Release 1.??.?? (??)
-intro text...
+Hard to believe it's been over a year since our last release, but it's
+not for lack of activity.  This release includes contributions of a wide
+assortment of bug fixes, build system improvements, warnings cleanups,
+codebase refactoring, test suite repairs, and static analysis work.
+This release is lighter on features (compared with 1.12.10) but includes
+a highly demanded rehaul of our image downscaling functionality, which
+solves a serious problem experienced by Inkscape users when shrinking
+embedded bitmaps in SVG files.
+While not as exciting in terms of new fe
@@ -11,6 +19,23 @@ Features
   when viewing large images on low resolution devices, as firefox and
   chromium already do.
+    Filter generator:
+    - Single filter, no "reconstruction" and "sample" filter
+    - Filters for derivative < 1 work
+    - Fixed IMPULSE and BOX
+    - Renamed CUBIC to MITCHELL
+    Cairo's filter settings:
+    - CAIRO_FILTER_GOOD: uses BOX filter for scales less than .75 in
+      either direction. Uses PIXMAN_FILTER_GOOD (ie BILINEAR) otherwise.
+    - CAIRO_FILTER_BEST: uses CATMULL filter always. Upscaling more than
+      2x will produce anti-aliased square pixels, similar to OS/X.
+    - CAIRO_FILTER_GAUSSIAN: this obsolete value is used to test other
+      filters.  The program must declare and poke the filter into the
+      static variable ikernel. This should be removed for production
+      code.
   Improve handling of device transformation and scaling, allowing Cairo
   to now support scaling at a device level, permitting easier, more
   transparent HiDPI support.
@@ -25,9 +50,17 @@ Features
   Reorder font declarations to be in natural order.
+  Update the Skia backend to build against current Skia (as of June
+  2014).
+  Drop Link-Time Optimization (LTO) support from build system.  This
+  seems to have caused much trouble for unclear benefit, and most
+  distros are reverting or disabling it anyway.
 API Changes
   New public functions cairo_surface_set_device_scale and
   cairo_surface_get_device_scale are available.
@@ -38,6 +71,7 @@ Dependency Changes
   Cairo now requires glib 2.14 for its gobject helper functions,
   and pixman 0.30 for downscaling.
 Bug fixes
@@ -101,9 +135,38 @@ Bug fixes
   American rather than British spelling of this word.
+  Fix crash in pixman_image_composite32
   Fix crash when trying to modify a (const) all-clipped cairo_clip_t
+  Add check_composite method to all compositors, to fix crashes in the
+  test suite.
+  Fix crash in Firefox when scrolling on certain pages.
+  Fix memory leaks found by static analysis.
+  Fix build of any2ppm if fork is not available.
+  Fix broken build for Qt backend, due to missing libstdc++.
+  Fix typo in two cairo_uint128 functions.  Fixes potential build issues
+  on systems without a uint128 type.
+  Fix build when --enable-pdf=no
+  Fix cache_frozen assertions for Win32 print.
+  Correctly check for xcb image surface for inplace upload
+  Fix webkit-based web browser crashes due to empty boxes by skipping
+  over them when tesselating.
+  Make pixman, libpng, and zlib paths commandline configurable for win32
+  builds.
+  Fix image scale on Win32 when GDI scale is not identity.
   Various cleanups and fixes to warnings, documentation, tests, and
   build system.  Improve error handling and return value checks.
@@ -518,8 +581,8 @@ cases (such as stroking around a rectangle) and by reducing the number
 of edges generated by the general stroker.
 As part of the focus on performance, Cairo 1.12 introduces some
-antialias hints (NONE,FAST, GOOD, BEST) that are interpolated by the
-raserisers to fine tune their performance versus quality. Cairo 1.12
+antialias hints (NONE, FAST, GOOD, BEST) that are interpolated by the
+rasterisers to fine tune their performance versus quality. Cairo 1.12
 also introduces a new observation architecture,
 cairo_surface_observer_t, which can be used to analyse the amount of
 time consumed by drawing commands and help identify inefficiencies in

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