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Vadim Plessky plessky at cnt.ru
Tue Aug 12 06:51:30 PDT 2003

'Cairo' as a name doesn't sound bad, but it has negative relation with Middle 
East (in minds of many people).
Is there something wrong with Xr, except connection with XFree86 (by having 
'X' before 'r')?

Besides, have you ever been in Egypt?
While pyramides are nice, and Red Sea resorts are also nice & clean, Cairo is 
very dirty city. I afraid by naming library 'Cairo' you give an excelelnt 
chance to evil people to say that Cairo graphics is 'dirty' (implemented not 
very 'clean')


On Tuesday 15 July 2003 23:12, Carl Worth wrote:
|  After pestering everyone we know, and exhausting every interesting
|  word list, (art terms, colors, pigments, flowers, Latin flower names),
|  we could fine, Keith and I have decided on a new name for Xr that we
|  can live with:
|  	Cairo
|  And if there aren't any major objections from this group, we'll go
|  forward with that name.
|  The name has lots of interesting thematic possibilities for
|  branding. The connection with Egypt, the birthplace of writing, seems
|  appropriate for a 2D graphics library with an emphasis on high-quality
|  print output.
|  We've decided against pursuing the Greek chi/rho pun and will instead
|  change the "Xr" library prefix. We'll also take advantage of the name
|  change to switch away from StuDlyCapS to a style that is
|  easier_to_read. The plan for library function names is:
|  	cairo_move_to
|  	cairo_curve_to
|  	cairo_stroke
|  	cairo_fill
|  	etc.
|  None of the code has changed yet, but when it does, I'll also provide
|  some scripts to simplify the effort to shift existing code from the
|  old names to the new.
|  We have already setup a new domain:
|  	cairographics.org
|  None of the web page has been updated at all. Since we are lousy
|  artists/web page designers, we would invite anyone interested to
|  contribute content/ideas for the site.
|  Finally, I've done my best effort at setting up a new mailing list
|  with the existing subscriptions:
|  	cairo at cairographics.org
|  This will be the last message I send to xr at xwin.org. I'll followup now
|  with a message to cairo at cairographics.org so that everyone can verify
|  their subscription is working.
|  Thanks for all the feedback on the naming question!
|  -Carl

Best Regards,

Vadim Plessky
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