[Xr] API questions

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Thu Jul 3 08:24:58 PDT 2003

On Jun 8, Damien Genet wrote:
 > I just started to learn Xr, and I'm wondering why doesn't XrSetAlpha,
 > and XrSetRGBColor have their XrGet* counterpart, like most other XrSet*
 > functions ?

When I added the other XrGet* functions I thought I would be changing
the color API functions very quickly to use a new XrColor object. See:


As it turns out, the solution for color support was not so obvious,
and I haven't introduced an XrColor object yet.

For now, I've gone ahead and added XrGetAlpha and XrGetRGBColor.

 > Do you also intend to offer non RGB color spaces ?

The consensus seems to be to support only the sRGB color space and
pushing any other color space manipulation up to higher levels. I'm no
expert in dealing with color spaces, but I'm accepting that
recommendation from those who know more than me.


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