[Xr] Anybody there?

Lars Segerlund lars.segerlund at comsys.se
Fri Jul 4 01:23:40 PDT 2003

  I also have this problem, I can't update my X11 but would really like 
to run Xr/xsvg ... this is entirely due to the fact that I'm on a 
developement machine and have some restrictions.

  Perhaps autoconf can find something ?

  / Lars Segerlund.

Bill Spitzak wrote:
> On Thursday 03 July 2003 07:53 am, Carl Worth wrote:
>>Beyond that, what's really needed to improve Xr is to get some
>>feedback. I'd be very interested to hear from people who have tried
>>using Xr in a non-trivial way, (eg. using it to support drawing within
>>a toolkit or a significant application). Feedback from experience like
>>that is quite useful. (Some feedback has already come in -- thanks for
>>the comments!).
> I am currently stumped as the better machines I have access to do not have 
> the newest X11 on them and so Xr does not compile.
> Since this is for testing and debugging I really don't care how slow it is, 
> so I was wondering if it is possible to compile Xr so that it only supports 
> local memory map drawing and does not attempt to use Xrender and does not use 
> Xrender header files. This may also be useful for getting Xr to work on that 
> "other" operating system.

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