[Xr] Naming Xr (and linguistic nitpicking)

Robert, Francois francois.robert at it.unisys.com
Sat Jul 12 11:48:19 PDT 2003

> Ah, but as long as we're nitpicking we can recall that Italian
> adjectives also appear in plural form, so Keith's statement is
> technically correct; there is an Italian word chiaros. ;-)

Wrong again. "s" is not a universal plural marker. In italian, plural are
indicated (most of the time...) by a terminal "i" or "e". The plural form is
"chiari" (masculine plural) or "chiare" (feminine plural).

What about Wr for windows, Mr for mac, Lr for Linux/Unix/X, and Xr in
general where "X" stands for a wildcard ? ("X" has a long traditionnal use
as a "don't care" indicator for instance when describing bitwise flags in
bytes or words, in electronic component datasheets for instance) ? 
François Robert

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