[Cairo] Reply-to considerations.

Paul Sladen xr at paul.sladen.org
Wed Jul 16 02:10:02 PDT 2003

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Carl Worth wrote:
> On Jul 15, Trevor Woerner wrote:
> > Could the mailing list options be set such [...Reply-to:]
> [...] when reply-to is set to the list, I haven't found a way to tell my
> mailer to reply to just the sender.

I think this is an issue that you need to take up with your mail client--
preferably without inconveniencing everyone else subscribed at the same time.

I am exceeding surprised that VM would be unable to cope with the usual way
in which mailing lists work;  --Perhaps a little RTFM effort is required...

> If anyone has any compelling reason to switch, please let me know via
> private mail, (hint, this is easier to do since the reply-to has not
> been set),

No.  It is now about 10 keystrokes to reply *just* to you;  it is about 15
keystrokes to reply to the list only.  Before it was 2 keystrokes to reply
to the list and 2 keystrokes to reply privately.  How can that be harder?

There is a *reason* why Reply-to is used on mailing lists;  it is called
meta-data.  You have just removed that useful meta-data, for everyone.

Apologies for the flaming nature of this LART,

War is inconsistent with Truth.  Nottingham, GB

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