Semi-OT: NVidia XRENDER support (was Re: [Xr] Graphics board for working with XRENDER)

port001 port001 at
Tue Jun 10 15:58:18 PDT 2003

> Yes, it really bites. I'd also like to know what sort of graphics card
> be ideal for working on RENDER.
> On a somewhat unrelated note, is there anyone out there who could tell me
> what extent RENDER is hardware-accelerated on NVidia cards? I know it's
> *supposed* to be accelerated, but I don't know to what extent, or how up
> date it is; in my case, any time I enable RENDER acceleration in
> XF86Config-4 my X server hangs a few minutes after starting.

Strange how things allways come in twos, but just earlier today I was
looking for reasons why GTK2 based apps were so slow 2D wise on my box. I
was told its because of Nvidia's poor support for the RENDER extension. I
emailed linux-bugs at asking for a little more information on this.
I'll keep you posted.

On a side note, whats ATI's RENDER support like?


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