[Cairo] Possible license change: MIT -> LGPL

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Fri Nov 14 11:28:16 PST 2003

There has been a suggestion to change the license for cairo from the
MIT license to the LGPL.

I would be interested in feedback on this suggestion from users.
Tristate feedback would be sufficient: +1/0/-1.

If your response seems too short to be worth sending to over 100
people, please send it privately to me.

I am not interested in licensing flame wars. If you have passionate
feelings that you can't help but type, please send them privately to

My employer currently holds the copyright for the bulk of the files in
cairo, so ultimately gets to decide the issue. If you have
well-reasoned considerations for one license or the other that you
would have me present, this is your chance to let me know.



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