[Cairo] haskell binding

Abraham Egnor aegnor at antioch-college.edu
Wed Oct 8 09:57:29 PDT 2003

Oops - I forgot that the greencard package would be required.  I updated
the README, so that'll be fixed in the next release at least.  As for
building greencard, I had no problems building version 3.01 from source
using the debian-packaged ghc 6.0.1.  All of the packages you listed are
part of the core ghc libraries; can you tell me which version of ghc
you're using and send me the exact build errors?


Carl Worth <cworth at east.isi.edu> writes:
>On Oct 8, Abraham Egnor wrote:
> > I've hacked together a haskell binding for cairo.  It's still got much
> > that needs improvement, but it's at the usable stage.
>Thanks for your contribution!
>If you'd like, we can set up an hscairo module in CVS where you can
>maintain this code. All I would need from you is a public (DSA) ssh
>PS. I tried to build the package, but in spite of the fact that the
>README suggests greencard is only needed after "make clean", I get:
>	$ make
>	ghc -package greencard -fglasgow-exts -O2 -package-name cairo -c
>Graphics/Rendering/Cairo/Core.hs -o Graphics/Rendering/Cairo/Core.o
>	ghc-6.0.1: unknown package name: greencard
>	make: *** [Graphics/Rendering/Cairo/Core.o] Error 1
>Beyond that, "apt-get install greencard" gives me no joy, and
>greencard itself failed to compile when I tried that. I'm not familiar
>with the build environment but I may be missing some dependencies. It
>fails to load interfaces for Prelude, Foreign, Foreign.C, and
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