[Cairo] Got it to compile and run!

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Fri Oct 10 06:44:52 PDT 2003


Thanks for the careful report.

On Oct 9, Bill Spitzak wrote:
 > I did not have root access so I used --prefix=/home/me/local to install 
 > everything. This switch was given to ./autogen.sh in all cases.
 > libpixregion: autogen failed until I also set the environment variable 
 > PKG_CONFIG_PATH to <prefix>/lib/pkgconfig. Then autogen, make, install all 
 > worked.

If there are places in the build instructions where a quick word about
prefix or PKG_CONFIG_PATH could be helpful, feel free to contribute a

 > cairo-demo: Suprisingly enough "make" worked without any
 > configuration. 

pkg-config actually helped you this time. ;-)

 > Running the programs did not work until I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to 
 > <prefix>/lib.

"make install" spits out a big block of text addressing this
issue. It's not obvious to me that we need anything else.

 > Then they all appeared to work. The program cairo-demo turns on 
 > XSynchronize and blinks like crazy when you resize the window. The program 
 > cairo-freq is pretty trippy, too.

These programs were never written as good demos --- just little tests
I needed --- so they do behave poorly. I just ripped out the
XSynchronize at least.

If people want to contribute some good demo programs, I would be glad
to throw away everything there that I wrote. Owen's cairo-knockout
should make it good base. It's double buffered at automatically scales
content as the window size changes.

 > It would be nice to rewrite the .png programs to display in a
 > window as well.

Yes. And PostScript support will be coming soon. I'd like to put
together demos that demonstrate multi-device output from the same

 > 1. The libtools should be fixed so PKG_CONFIG_PATH is replaced if the 
 > --prefix is set. If anybody knows who to mail this bug to, please
 > tell me.

I think the right place to start is with the pkg-config
developers. The source lives here:


and since I don't see a more focused mailing list, I'm guessing that
the general "xdg-list" would be appropriate:


(And, no, it's not obvious to me either that those two URLs would be
related at all).

 > 2. I think the dependency on xft and xrender versions in the cairo autogen.sh 
 > should be removed.

Now that the internals have been reworked, it should be easy to make
Cairo ignore all of its X related implementation if X is not
available. All that is missing is someone to add the appropriate
autoconf magic. Any volunteers?

But I think you were actually asking for something different, which is
to let Cairo build against older versions of xft/xrender that can't be
found through pkg-config. This also requires some sort of autoconf
skill that I lack. I would be glad to commit patches though.

 > Anyway congrats! Seems to work really well!

Thank you.


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