[Cairo] Got it to compile and run!

Bill Spitzak spitzak at d2.com
Thu Oct 9 23:30:27 PDT 2003

I checked out all-new code from the newest CVS server.

Compiling Cairo on RedHat 9.2 SMP system.

I did not have root access so I used --prefix=/home/me/local to install 
everything. This switch was given to ./autogen.sh in all cases.

slim: autogen, make, install all worked

libpixregion: autogen failed until I also set the environment variable 
PKG_CONFIG_PATH to <prefix>/lib/pkgconfig. Then autogen, make, install all 

libic: autogen, make, install all worked, probably the PKG_CONFIG_PATH was 

cairo: autogen failed complaining about xft and xrender. I edited 
configure.in and removed these, then ran autoconf. Then autogen worked. Make 
failed, complaining about missing Xft header files. I had to set the 
environment variable CPPFLAGS to -I/usr/include/freetype2 in order to get it 
to compile. Make then worked. Make install worked.

cairo-demo: Suprisingly enough "make" worked without any configuration. 
Running the programs did not work until I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to 
<prefix>/lib. Then they all appeared to work. The program cairo-demo turns on 
XSynchronize and blinks like crazy when you resize the window. The program 
cairo-freq is pretty trippy, too. It would be nice to rewrite the .png 
programs to display in a window as well.

Compiling on RedHat 7.2 machine:

Following the same instructions I got all the way to cairo. But compiling 
quit, complaining about fontconfig header files. I knew from previous 
experience to give up at this point. However this is vastly better than 
before. I still have some interest in making this work with older Xft 
installations and may try to get this.


1. The libtools should be fixed so PKG_CONFIG_PATH is replaced if the 
--prefix is set. If anybody knows who to mail this bug to, please tell me.

2. I think the dependency on xft and xrender versions in the cairo autogen.sh 
should be removed.

Anyway congrats! Seems to work really well!

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