[Cairo] Cairo on Windows

Pierre-Alain Joye paj at pearfr.org
Wed Oct 15 15:25:01 PDT 2003


On Sep 4, Maarten Breddels wrote:
> I compiled Cairo on Windows today. Maybe someone is interested. I had
> to change the source a bit, rip out all the X specific stuff and the
> font stuff. I also needed the X11 include dir and some had to update
> some files. Maybe windows support is something to think about, getting
> rid of the   dependencies would be great. I'm not sure about the font
> stuff, would be nice to have font support on windows too. If someone
> is interested, I could send you the .lib and .dll files.

Sorry for the late reply, I'm digging into the archives to find
plans/ideas/thought ;).

That sounds very insteresting. I'm currently working on a PHP5 binding.
It should be part of PHP5 distrubution besides a new bitmap only
library (dropping GD support). Both will be presented in the
international PHP conference in Frankfurt

After having fought too much with drawing methods using the old bitmap
fashion, I really appreciate the easyness of Cairo :-) and I'm
convinced this is the way to go for anything related to drawing

In summary, the bitmap library is focused on "simple" drawing
methods(but with AA), bitmap filters and import/export of images in
various formats.

My primary goals is to get a system independant with only in-memory
surfaces (php as cgi or foobar webserver module). That means to do not
depend on X, in any way. I'm still wondering if it is possible to get
that using a standart cairo check out. Is there any plan about that?

As Cairo will not be available by default on every system (or not that
soon :) ), we would like to bundle the cairo libs with the different
distributions, for both binaries and sources

That means we'll use our own repository and synchronise it with yours as
often as required. Patches to fixes/improve will be obvioulsy posted
here. The php QA team will certainly carefully test everything. I hope
that should help. The 1st question I got from them:), is Cairo thread

Cairo already works quit well with surfaces owned by the bitmap
libs (quit easy :) ) then will follow gtk with phpgtk2.

thanks a lot for your great library,


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