[Cairo] Rectangle-based clipping for surfaces

Banlu Kemiyatorn id at project-ile.net
Wed Oct 15 22:53:34 PDT 2003

Bill Spitzak wrote:

>On Wednesday 15 October 2003 09:35 am, Carl Worth wrote:
>>The only thing left that I dislike is that in the path-based clipping
>>API, cairo_clip always reduces the size of the clip region. However,
>>in the rectangle-based API, cairo_surface_clip_rectangle always
>>expands the size of its region. Maybe we could find a better name for
>>cairo_surface_clip_rectangle that more clearly indicates the operation
>>we want?
>My personal feeling is that the only way to increase the clip region should 
>be a cairo_restore call. Can you instead use a single call that takes a list 
>of rectangles? Then that call can union the rectangles and then intersect 
>with the current clip.

Sorry, I didn't pay attention to Cairo and the list for a while. By what 
you've mentioned, how
do I implement initclip-like functionality? Am I missing some points?

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