[Cairo] format for api docs

Carol Spears carol at gimp.org
Fri Oct 17 14:20:42 PDT 2003

Thomas Hunger wrote:
> > No matter how the documentation is produced, there had better be final html
> > output available for download and for perusal from the Cairo web site.
> > Maybe pdf as well but only because people may want to print it. It is ok if
> > there are complicated instructions to *produce* this documentation, but the
> > result should be available already.
> I think docbook is nice because there are already heaps of converters. Having
> ready converted HTML files is important, but I do not know if they should go
> into cvs?
That is the thing, it might have been a bad combination of debian and
gtk, but I could not build gtk2 without specific software.

It has been a while, and I tend to remember the grumpy part the easiest.
I might even opt to have the software that they were insisting that I
use, but there was not going to be a chance to try other things.

docbook is a format.  i like that it is so predictable.  i don't like
the way it came out in the end though.  I was using this little thing to
make the gimp web site that easily moved urls from one location to
another.  this thing would work with docbook format as easily as any
other, the only rule is xml --> xml.  

i have been writing python scripts that write to templates.

i guess i would like the documentation but be forced to look for my own
builder for it.  maybe be forced to make my own.  

I am sorry I did not write down the details of my grumpiness with the
gtk2 and documentation and configure.  Also, every opinion I have
probably hurts one of my heros.  I dunno.  

Everything sucks, me too.


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