[Cairo] format for api docs

James Henstridge james at daa.com.au
Sun Oct 19 07:08:28 PDT 2003

On 18/10/03 05:20, Carol Spears wrote:

>That is the thing, it might have been a bad combination of debian and
>gtk, but I could not build gtk2 without specific software.
>It has been a while, and I tend to remember the grumpy part the easiest.
>I might even opt to have the software that they were insisting that I
>use, but there was not going to be a chance to try other things.
If you have been had trouble with gtk-doc in the past, this was because 
it took Debian more than a year to sort out their XML toolchain (in 
particular, registering things in the catalog).

Apparently this has now been fixed, so converting DocBook/XML files 
should be as easy on Debian as it is on other distros.


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