[Cairo] hscairo 0.3

Abraham Egnor aegnor at antioch-college.edu
Sun Oct 19 19:12:28 PDT 2003

The haskell bindings for cairo have reached 0.3, which is enough of a
milestone to warrant this post, I think.  Main improvements include:
* better (i.e. more Haskellish) wrappers for the Matrix functions
* better status handling - status is now checked automatically, and errors
reported properly.
* Attributes are parameterized by object type as well as value type.  What
this means is that things other than the implicit Cairo object can have
Attributes;  for example, Matrix objects have an "affine" Attribute.
* all current cairo functions wrapped.  A few had been left out of the
prior version due to implementation difficulty.
* a better backend.  Specifically, a running hscairo program no longer
uses up all CPU time.

The new version is available at http://ofb.net/~abe/hscairo-0.3.tar.bz2.


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