[Cairo] round 5 of virtualized text API

graydon hoare graydon at redhat.com
Wed Oct 22 23:54:33 PDT 2003


this version of the virtualized font / text API incorporates many of
the improvements we've been discussing on IRC and email recently:

  - uses a single "font transformation" which contains integrated
    scale values; these are extracted at the moment of rendering and
    used as font scale arguments, with the residual (normalized)
    matrix supplied to freetype for rotation / shearing.

  - font backend is therefore entirely in device space; ctm arguments
    dropped from backend functions. gstate functions do argument
    conversion from user -> dev.

  - various renamings, use of structures for large arg lists, removed
    ambiguous functions, etc.

  - reformatting to whitespace rules.

  - use of a8 mask compositing rather than copy-into-argb32. I know
    carl has some new code to do the surface backend differently, but
    this patch works as is, against CVS. if you have something else
    which implements a8 compositing, just ignore the hunks which touch
    the compositing functions. they're only a couple lines.

let me know if there's more stuff to do on this. I've attached the updated
text test application, too.


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