[Cairo] New text API as of 0.1.8 (was: round 5 of virtualized text API)

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Mon Oct 27 13:40:30 PST 2003

On Oct 23, graydon hoare wrote:
 > this version of the virtualized font / text API incorporates many of
 > the improvements we've been discussing on IRC and email recently:

As I've been playing with the recent Haskell/Ruby bindings, it occurs
to me that we never mentioned on the list that this text work has now
been committed to CVS. Many thanks to Graydon for his patient efforts.

The great new feature of this work is that drawing text to a non-X
surface actually works no, (hurray!). And we've got the "full" text
API worked out and largely implemented.

There are a couple of incompatible API changes worth noting here:

	* cairo_transform_font now accepts a pointer to cairo_matrix_t
	  rather than a list of four doubles.

	* cairo_text_extents is now no longer implemented, (though it
          will be appearing again in its new form in the future).

I noticed both of those when playing with the binding snapshots. Which
reminds me of one more plug I'd like to make for hosting as much code
as possible close together. I make a regular habit of testing all the
code in CVS prior to making incompatible API changes. Often, it's easy
for me to update code that I don't directly maintain, (ie. when just
renaming API functions). So, you might get some free
testing/maintenance from me by hosting code in the Cairo repository.



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