[Cairo] Cairo on older X servers, (eg. with Render version 0.2)

Bill Spitzak spitzak at d2.com
Tue Sep 30 18:04:23 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 30 September 2003 09:17 am, Carl Worth wrote:
> On Sep 30, Keith Packard wrote:
>  > I think we have to make this assumption or cairo will be worthless
>  > without Render -- that includes all non-X environments.

I agree that this will have to be assummed. This is how GLUT works and that 
does not seem to break any programs.

>  > The only trick I see is in having cairo track the size of the
>  > drawable; I don't have any great ideas here as the library can't do
>  > this on it's own, and it will only matter when you don't have
>  > Render, leaving the system prone to failure in those cases.

I think it would be acceptable to add a call that must be done in the 
system-specific area, something like cairo_xlib_update_surface_size(...). I 
think any toolkit that hides xlib would probably be able to call this.

I think GLUT does some trick in this area. But they had to emulate OpenGL, so 
unless this trick is really good it may be acceptable to just add a call for 
cairo, as cairo does not need to emulate anything.

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