[cairo] Help required with redraw problems

Soorya Kuloor s_kuloor at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 25 17:02:49 PST 2004

Hi Carl,

We are using cairo on a real-time schematic display application. We have run 
into some serious problems during redraws. The schematic displays have 
animated parts that flash with alternating colors when there are problems 
with the monitored system. When the flashing happens cairo consumes more CPU 
cycles than is acceptable. We think the only choice for us is to speed up 
Cairo. We need speed up of atleast by a factor of 2 and we have until Monday 
to do this :-((.

We are using cairo version 0.1.17. We are using the pixman backend and we 
cannot use Render backend. Would there be any benefits to moving to a newer 
version? May be the OpenGL backend? Is there any particular part of Cairo or 
the libpixman, that we can speed up? We do not use any sophisticated 
capabilities such as transparency or pattern based fills. We use text (a 

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

-- Soorya

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