[cairo] Trouble building cairo-0.1.22 on Mac OS X

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Mon May 3 06:44:41 PDT 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004 09:29:22 -0600, Stephen Bespalko wrote:
> Greetings. I would like to consider helping out on the OS X side

Great! Any particpiation will be gladly accepted.

> There are also problems, at least on OSX, with compiling parts of the 
> XML support needed to build the documentation. If this is the 
> appropriate list to report such problems, please let me know.

This is the appropriate list. But there's not been too much action on
the documentation front at all yet. We've got an initial template there
so far, but nothing complete. So, if we need to rework the build tools
at this point, that shouldn't be too hard.

> A brief explanation of what an OS X backend would consist of would be 
> help me evaluate whether I can undertake such an endeavor.

An initial version could consist of little more than single function
that accepts an image buffer and paints it onto a window. Once that is
working, more sophisticated drawing operations can be shifted from using
the image backend to using some native drawing interface.

> ./autogen.sh: running `libtoolize --copy --force'

This looks like the problem here.

Apparently, Mac OS X, has some libtoolize program that is not the
libtoolize cairo wants. Instead you want the glibtoolize program. The
cairo autogen.sh script lets you set this via an environment
variable. So, give the following a try and let us know if you don't have
more success:

	LIBTOOLIZE=glibtoolize ./autogen.sh


PS. Building from one of the snapshot tar files should avoid the
glibtoolize issue. With that, you don't need autogen.sh and you should
be able to get by with just:

	./configure; make

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