[cairo] Cairo on win32

Hans Breuer Hans at Breuer.org
Sun May 30 14:14:11 PDT 2004

At 06:06 29.05.04, Keith Packard wrote:

>Around 0 o'clock on May 29, Hans Breuer wrote:
> > Why didn't you use fontconfig - which is available for win32 too ?
>Because fontconfig will select and present different sets of fonts to the
>user than the native Win32 font API.  While that might make porting the
>application to Win32 easier, it won't provide an idea experience for the
>user.  Gtk+, Qt and even Mozilla all use the native APIs for
>systems where fontconfig isn't the normal way to select fonts.
>We initially planned on using fontconfig/FreeType2 on all systems to
>ensure consistent output but were asked by many people to allow (and in
>fact prefer, to some extent) native font systems instead.
I know, in fact I think I was one of those many people :-)

>There's nothing preventing you from building and using cairo with
>fontconfig/FreeType on a Win32 system though, if that's what you want to

This is exactly what I've done to build my first working Cairo version 
cause one needs to have fontconfig/FT2 around for building The Gimp anyway. 
Also Dia is - as noted - to some extend depending on direct FT2 and 
Pango/FT2, which in turn drags in fontconfig ;)


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