[cairo] Native Mac OS X port

Calum Robinson calumr at mac.com
Wed Sep 22 14:51:07 PDT 2004



I have a CoreGraphics port of Cairo up & running - 1 or 2 minor bits 
(and 1 major bit - fonts) aren't working , but as it's mostly done I'm 
starting to wonder how this port should be made available for other 

I could edit the Makefile and add a CoreGraphics backend, which I will 
do at some point, but Makefiles are not my strong point. What might be 
better is to add the XCode project to Cairo CVS so that other 
developers can build the Cairo.framework used in the test app (I 
suspect more OS X developers would use a framework instead of whatever 
the Makefile builds).

If anyone wants to check it out, then you'll need XCode 1.2 (the code 
should hopefully work on Mac OS 10.2, but I haven't verified that yet). 
Just download the zip archive above and decompress it into the cairo/ 
directory in your copy of Cairo CVS (next to glitz & libsvg etc.). It 
contains 1 XCode project for building the Cairo framework and a sample 

Comments, suggestions & general feedback would be much appreciated.

Calum Robinson

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