[cairo] Native Mac OS X port

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Wed Sep 22 16:32:18 PDT 2004

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 22:51:07 +0100, Calum Robinson wrote:
> I have a CoreGraphics port of Cairo up & running - 1 or 2 minor bits 
> (and 1 major bit - fonts) aren't working , but as it's mostly done I'm 
> starting to wonder how this port should be made available for other 
> developers.

Hi Calum,

Thanks so much for putting effort into this and contributing the code!

> I could edit the Makefile and add a CoreGraphics backend, which I will 
> do at some point, but Makefiles are not my strong point. What might be 
> better is to add the XCode project to Cairo CVS so that other 
> developers can build the Cairo.framework used in the test app (I 
> suspect more OS X developers would use a framework instead of whatever 
> the Makefile builds).

I want one primary build environment that can be used to compile cairo
on any supported system. For now, that means that I want the
configure.in and Makefile.am changes necessary to build this.
Fortunately, there's a lot of template there already, so it should be
easy for any number of people to add this.

As for hosting an alternate build environment in the same CVS tree, I'd
be glad to have it live there, under the following conditions:

   1) It is unobtrusive, (eg. a single file or a single directory)

   2) It's understood that it has second-class citizenship. What I mean
      is that new commits to the tree should never break the primary
      build environment, but no such guarantees are made for the
      alternate environment. Some independent maintainer will be needed
      to keep it up to date

For point (1), would the "XCode project" consist of the single directory:


and it's children? If so, that would be quite acceptable to me. What's
the __MACOSX directory that came along with it?

Oh, and we've been putting little test and demo programs like
QuartzCairoTest over in cairo-demo rather than in the main source tree.


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