[cairo] Native Mac OS X port

Calum Robinson calumr at mac.com
Wed Sep 22 23:55:20 PDT 2004

On 23 Sep 2004, at 00:32, Carl Worth wrote:

> I want one primary build environment that can be used to compile cairo
> on any supported system. For now, that means that I want the
> configure.in and Makefile.am changes necessary to build this.
> Fortunately, there's a lot of template there already, so it should be
> easy for any number of people to add this.

OK - I'll look into this tonight.

> As for hosting an alternate build environment in the same CVS tree, I'd
> be glad to have it live there, under the following conditions:
>    1) It is unobtrusive, (eg. a single file or a single directory)

Yep - it's all in the macosx/ directory.

>    2) It's understood that it has second-class citizenship. What I mean
>       is that new commits to the tree should never break the primary
>       build environment, but no such guarantees are made for the
>       alternate environment. Some independent maintainer will be needed
>       to keep it up to date

Hopefully this won't take a lot of effort on my part - even if it 
breaks another OS X developer should be able to fix it fairly easily.

> For point (1), would the "XCode project" consist of the single 
> directory:
> 	cairo/src/macosx
> and it's children? If so, that would be quite acceptable to me. What's
> the __MACOSX directory that came along with it?

__MACOSX is a folder that contains meta-data for the files in macosx/. 
It won't appear in CVS, and isn't necessary for the build.

> Oh, and we've been putting little test and demo programs like
> QuartzCairoTest over in cairo-demo rather than in the main source tree.

OK - will do.


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