[cairo] gcc warnings issue

Benno Rice benno at jeamland.net
Mon Aug 8 21:48:00 PDT 2005


I'm tinkering with some cairo-based stuff on FreeBSD and out of interest 
(and because I'm somewhat anal) I turned a whole bunch of warnings on. 
This immediately caused a whole slew of warnings resulting from -Wshadow 
and the fact that on FreeBSD (at least) /usr/include/math.h defines a 
function called y1 which triggers warnings based on the arguments named 
y1 in various functions in cairo.h.

Would it be possible to rename some of these variables from x1, y1, etc 
to something else that won't conflict?  I'm happy to do the work of 
generating a patch, I just wanted to solicit ideas about what they 
should be renamed to, or if such renaming was acceptable.

Many thanks,
	Benno Rice.

Benno Rice
benno at jeamland.net

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