[cairo] glitz development no more in cairo CVS tree ?!

Stephane LOEUILLET news at leroutier.net
Tue Aug 9 16:29:28 PDT 2005

Le mardi 09 août 2005 à 16:21 -0400, David Reveman a écrit :
> It's a bit messed up right now. I'm working on some FBO updates for
> glitz that will break the current API. Once they are done, all updates
> to glitz will be going into cairo CVS and I'll create a 0.5 snapshot.
> I've put some tarbolls at freedesktop.org/~davidr because they are
> needed for my current version of Xgl, which I don't want to get into CVS
> until the glitz FBO rewrite is done as Xgl is sort of broken without it.
> Sorry.

No need to be sorry, gtk+ 2.8 branch is still not released and i'm not
even sure it would use glitz/GLX if installed. (i really doubt it)

Until glitz is mature enough, people would use libpixman (XRender or
plain xlib if unlucky)


>From what i have seen on various web sites/mailing list, you're
targeting more EGL than GLX with glitz/xglx/eglx. Could you tell us if
some EGL drivers are on the radar (but MesaSolo) ?

As Nvidia is a member of the Khronos Group
(EGL/OpenML/VG/GL-ES/Max/Collada) and as most of these pseudo-standards
would be used for the 'late' upcoming PS3, do you have any clue if EGL
drivers would come from them this year ? (without breaking a NDA)

Here, i say pseudo-standard because :
  - Only OpenGL-ES is somewhat one (beeing derived from OpenGL)
  - Collada (XML based format for 3D data interchange between apps)
  - OpenML dates from 2001 but i don't see any implementation around
  - OpenVG specs just came out on July 2005
  - OpenMAX (sort of hardware accelerated 'liboil') is new (and no specs
  - OpenSL specs aren't out either (like OpenMAX)

Looks to me that Khronos group want to build it's own multi-platform
"open" DirectX. Lets hope they won't reinvent the wheel too much and
also, lets really hope they'll be more open now than they were before)



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