[cairo] Two small patches

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at cs.toronto.edu
Sat Aug 13 01:22:10 PDT 2005

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005, Carl Worth wrote:

> >   - Checks are moved before the actually call.  This is a bug fix.
> Good catch, thanks. Feel free to commit that part at least.


> >   - Does not err if there are excess elements in the path.
> > Means, if there are more points than needed for an operation.
> > This way applications may store private data in a path structure.
> > Would be good to know if people see any obvious problem with
> > allowing that.

Was kinda hard to not change those "!="s to "<" when moving the
lines, but I managed to resist :-).

> It seems like something that could be useful to me, (it could prevent
> some data copying on the part of the application, and this exposed
> path data object is intended to provide a less-overhead way of setting
> path data.

I initially thought it would be better to have them for 1.0,
otherwise people would write code that would reject paths with
excess elements, but I figured out they are supposed to know
about the excess elements in the first place, so no problem

> But, we're supposed to be API frozen now[*]. [What I need is a release
> manager that can be the bad guy and say no to people so I don't have
> to.]

No problem really.  I'm just trying to be helpful.  You don't owe
people just because they submit patches :).

> I really don't like to have too much magic in cairo. How about a name
> of CAIRO_COLOR_ONE_MINUS_EPSILON or something instead?

Commited with your suggested name.

> -Carl


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