[cairo] Pango 1.9.1 won't compile against cairo 0.9.2 because of bad include

Stephane LOEUILLET news at leroutier.net
Sat Aug 13 18:02:36 PDT 2005


as cairo dropped external libpixman to use an internal copy, i decided
to desinstall my copy of libpixman and to rebuild all that was broken
after cairo 0.9.2 install.

i had a problem when starting with pango 1.9.1 :
examples/cairoview.c, line 46 : #include <pixman.h>

i suppose the good include is 

no ?

Should i open a bug against pango 1.9.1 if i'm right ? (and as pango
1.10.0 is not released yet)



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