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jackey.yang jackey.yang at akomedia.com
Sun Aug 14 00:06:37 PDT 2005

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> From: Stephane LOEUILLET <news at leroutier.net>
> Subject: Re : [cairo] libpixmap CVS
> Sent: 14 Aug '05 01:42
>  hello,
>  >It appears to be missing:
>  >ttb(pts/0)@vertex ~/storage/cvs/libpixman %% cvs -z3 update -d
>  >cvs update: Updating .
>  >cvs update: cannot open directory /cvs/cairo/libpixman: No such file or directory
>  >cvs update: skipping directory
>  lately, pixman has been moved inside cairo source tree (cairo/pixman/)
>  They used CVS surgery to do it while keeping the change history.
>  you'll have to delete your libpixman local tree and re-do a clean checkout
>  (doing so, all changes in libpixman would be mirrored in cairo/pixman/, and vice versa)
>  if you have local changes to libpixman, better do an update in cairo/
>  and make a diff between your libpixman and cairo/pixman before doing what i said before

Also, do not forget to rebuild libsvg and libsvg-cairo, if you did above changes.

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AkoMeida LTD.
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