[cairo] Cairo, SDL and embedded systems.

jackey.yang jackey.yang at akomedia.com
Sun Aug 14 00:33:38 PDT 2005

Hi Paul,

Our 4 people company is doing exactly what you talked about.
Our main product is an Embedded Linux STB using Cairo/Glitz.
The overall performace is pretty good, i had a Xine plugin 
integrated with Cairo/Glitz. If you check the maillist you may
find out some related performance information I posted here.

We are working VIA embedded system, and also did a little bit test
on ARM system, overall the performance is pretty good though.
But there are some other problems have not been solved yet, 
for example a better font support, glitz YUV surface support and so on.
But I am sure that with all the talents here they will be solved sooner.

Our previous development includes DLink DSM-320 and AOL integration*^_^*
Hope what I said will not bring me any trouble, please keep ....

P.S. we seek a half million investment for startup, anyone or your friend 
interested,  please contact me *^_^* We will sign agreement with chinese 
gov. this month on IPTV, hope we can become the standstard in China
like opentv in Euro. and NDS in US.*^_^*

Jackey Yang

AkoMedia Ltd.
Cell: +86 13761065416
Fax: +86 021-69960508
Tel: +86 021-69960508

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