[cairo] Confusion between generated and distributed cairo.def

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Aug 25 03:26:48 PDT 2005

J. Ali Harlow writes:
 > I think the best solution is to simply remove the distributed version  
 > and always generate it.

But this then will cause (a small amount of) extra work for those who
want to build with MSVC, and need a .def file. Part of the reason to
have an official cairo.def file in the tarball was so that also people
who build with MSVC would use exactly the same entries in the DLL,
wasn't it?

(On the other hand a cairo tarball doesn't contain any makefiles for
MSFT's nmake or any prebuilt config.h for Win32, so people building
with MSVC have to do some manual work anyway. There is no guarantee
they will choose to produce a DLL with the same name as the
libtool+mingw combination does (libcairo-2.dll), either. In fact for
MSVC users such a DLL name is probably far from what they would
naturally choose. But that is perhaps not a bad thing, though, if it
makes the distinction clear between the "official" ABI provided by a
libcairo-2.dll produced using cairo.def and mingw, and other cairo


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