[cairo] Getting new backends into CVS

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Dec 6 13:46:00 PST 2005

There have been several people diligently maintaining backends outside
of cairo's CVS repository. Three that have been recently brought up to
date with the latest changes in cairo and proposed for inclusion are
the SVG backend, the DirectFB backend, and the BeOS backend.

My feeling is that maintaining these outside of cairo is not helpful
to anybody, and all actively maintained backends should be pushed into
the CVS repository.

With the addition of these backends, I'd like to continue the policy
that has been forming around backends with the 1.0.0 and 1.0.2
releases and in preparation for the 1.2.0 release.

Specifically, a major release will only have a backend indicated as
"supported" (and enabled in the build by default) if support exists in
the test suite for the backend and the backend passes every test in
the suite (except for the few tests that may be marked XFAIL for a
particular release).

Eventually, I'd like to have some automated build-and-test machines
(along the lines of mozilla's tinderbox stuff) available for all
supported backends. We don't have that now, but I can imagine that
becoming a requirement for a supported backend in the near future.

Within the backend-specific source file (cairo-foo-surface.c) the
backend maintainer is in charge, but I do ask that the
cairo/CODING_STYLE guidelines be followed.

Changes that affect core code, and in particular, changes that affect
other backends, should of course be separated from backend-specific
changes, and these general changes should continue to be sent to the
cairo at cairographics.org list for review.

I'll make a few more specific comments as follow-ups to the recent
requests for including these backends in CVS.

If any of the relevant backend maintainers do not yet have commit
access to the cairo CVS repository, please follow the instructions


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