[cairo] Patches for MSVC.NET

Christian Biesinger cbiesinger at web.de
Thu Dec 15 02:04:36 PST 2005


Bill Baxter wrote:
> So things like cairo-ft are not necessary on Windows?  I was thinking
> cairo-ft was the main font handling code. [...]   Those font files
> _almost_ work on Windows with the exception of fontconfig calls, so I just
> assumed someone had been sloppy about portability issues there.

cairo-ft-font is just the Freetype font backend. It's usually used on 
Linux, but other platforms can use it too (e.g. my BeOS backend uses it, 
lacking another backend that works on BeOS), although I'm not sure if 
Windows can. Anyway, if you don't have fontconfig+freetype, you 
shouldn't build it.

The Windows font backend is cairo-win32-font.c. (Hm... doesn't it work 
for Win64 too? :-) )

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