[cairo] Win32 Testsuite + .def file

Christian Biesinger cbiesinger at web.de
Thu Dec 15 15:14:53 PST 2005

I tried running the testsuite on windows today. I compiled using 
cygwin's compiler, without -mno-cygwin.

It turns out that this configuration does not really work so well. The 
tests are looking for libcairo-2.dll, while the library is called 
cygcairo-2.dll (libtool appears to do that).

I assume that the wrong name is coming from the .def file, which has:
LIBRARY libcairo-2.dll

Is that line necessary? Cairo seems to compile and test fine if I remove 

Also, in other news...
there was this recent change to src/Makefile.am, without a corresponding 
ChangeLog entry:

vlad: Was that change intentional? It seems like this changes what the 
.def file that cairo tarballs ship contains. Don't know if that'd be a 
bad thing.


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