[cairo] win32 build

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sat Jun 4 16:16:07 PDT 2005

Liam Breck writes:
 > At the risk of being thought lazy, may I ask someone to point me to, or
 > offer to email, a build of the 0.5 snapshot for Windows (with win32
 > backend), and a list of its dependencies?

Here you are:


No dependencies.


No dependencies except libpixman. This is a minimal Cairo build, just
the Win32 backend. Built with --disable-freetype and --disable-png. If
you like I can rebuild it with FreeType (and thus fontconfig) and/or
PNG. (That is how I build it normally myself.) PDF backend would
require FreeType.

Seems to work with HEAD GTK+ and Pango. (Which was a small surprise at
first, I would have guessed that would have required a
fontconfig-aware cairo. But actually, why would it?)

I built with gcc 3.4.2. The MSVC import libraries included were built
with the lib.exe from "Visual C++ Express Edition Beta 2", thus it
might be that earlier MSVC versions don't like them. But as I included
the .def files you can build import libraries yourself.


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