[cairo] win32 build

Liam Breck svg at networkimprov.net
Sun Jun 5 20:57:49 PDT 2005


Thanks for your quick turnaround!

I would assume it's ok for us to include this cairo build in our next
release of the SVG Scene Library?

http://cairographics.org/win32 should be updated to link these, and most of
the content on that page should probably be zapped since it doesn't seem to
apply to the current win32 backend...


At 02:16 AM 6/5/05 +0300, you wrote:
> > At the risk of being thought lazy, may I ask someone to point me to, or
> > offer to email, a build of the 0.5 snapshot for Windows (with win32
> > backend), and a list of its dependencies?
>Here you are:
>No dependencies.
>No dependencies except libpixman. This is a minimal Cairo build, just
>the Win32 backend. Built with --disable-freetype and --disable-png. If
>you like I can rebuild it with FreeType (and thus fontconfig) and/or
>PNG. (That is how I build it normally myself.) PDF backend would
>require FreeType.
>Seems to work with HEAD GTK+ and Pango. (Which was a small surprise at
>first, I would have guessed that would have required a
>fontconfig-aware cairo. But actually, why would it?)
>I built with gcc 3.4.2. The MSVC import libraries included were built
>with the lib.exe from "Visual C++ Express Edition Beta 2", thus it
>might be that earlier MSVC versions don't like them. But as I included
>the .def files you can build import libraries yourself.

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