[cairo] SVG Scene Toolkit update

Liam Breck svg at networkimprov.net
Wed Jun 15 11:40:27 PDT 2005

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:
>> SVG Scene/Canvas Library for cairo & Pango
>>   http://networkimprov.net/airwrx/awscene.html
>> ... The scene may be displayed simultaneously in multiple windows,
>> possibly on separate clients.
>  How would separate clients communicate with each other?

The app using the scene defines the communication mechanism, so it can
approach it any way it likes. Typically you'd use TCP/IP.

>Otherwise I would say that a canvas widget should be independent of
>graphics file format, and SVG support should [provide] serialization...

Since a scene/canvas is inherently a vector graphics collection, we think
it makes sense to leverage a standard for its structure & API. It shortens
the learning curve, and increases the appeal (we hope!).

>  Great to have this LGPL, but too bad for the C++ code, and naming
>conventions used throughout the code looking "foreign" to gtk world,
>which means gtk cannot use this as code base for a possible gtk canvas.

The idea is to provide something that can plug into any application or
framework. (In the case of gtk, perhaps gtk-mm?) Over time, I think we'll
see wrappers for SVG Scene to surface it in various frameworks...

Liam Breck
Network Improv
Boston, Mass. USA

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