[cairo] cairo-java API review

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Mon May 2 21:23:07 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-03 at 01:51 +0200, Jordi Mas wrote:
> Hola Owen,
> > I'd like to see eventually some sort of guidelines document for
> > creating a binding for Cairo. While some parts of the binding
> > will be forced by the language, and others by the correspondence
> > to the C API, there are other things which are more or less
> > arbitrary and it would be nice if the different languages make
> > the same choices.
> I think that this is a good idea. For example, it would be very
> convenient if the Java and C# bindings group the C API calls under the
> same objects and share the same objects names.
> Since many changes in the API are been introduced in the next version of
> Cairo it would be interesting to have a draft document before the
> bindings for different languages are updated to the latest API version.
> I'm currently taking care of the Mono.Cairo bindings

I've started writing an appendix to the Cairo manual to cover this
stuff; I'm not quite ready to commit to CVS, but I should be able to get
something done in the next few days.

Once something is initially in place, I hope that language binding
authors will take an active role in maintaining this part of the


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