[cairo] Problem installing the graphviz cairo plugin

Andrew Mason andrew at pandamouth.org
Fri Sep 2 19:22:33 PDT 2005

I'm trying to install the cairo plugin for graphviz, version 2.6.
I did try that, and compiled cairo into /home/policy/cairo/  When I  
try and configure the graphviz cairo plugin by typing ./configure -- 
prefix=/home/policy/graphviz PKG_CONFIG=/home/policy/cairo/lib/ 
  from /home/policy/graphviz-cairo-2.6/ it gives me this error:

checking pkg-config is at least version 0.9.0... /home/policy/cairo/ 
lib/pkgconfig/cairo.pc: line 6: Name:: command not found
/home/policy/cairo/lib/pkgconfig/cairo.pc: line 7: Description::  
command not found
/home/policy/cairo/lib/pkgconfig/cairo.pc: line 8: Version:: command  
not found
/home/policy/cairo/lib/pkgconfig/cairo.pc: line 10:  
Requires.private:: command not found
/home/policy/cairo/lib/pkgconfig/cairo.pc: line 11: Libs:: command  
not found
/home/policy/cairo/lib/pkgconfig/cairo.pc: line 12: Cflags:: command  
not found
checking for CAIRO... configure: error: cairo library not available

I looked in that file and all those lines are there (I had to change  
permissions for the file so it could read it first).
by the way, this is on a shared host which is why I'm not installing  
in /usr.
Any idea what's wrong?



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