[cairo] 1.0.2 roadmap

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Sep 8 13:42:05 PDT 2005

On Fri, 02 Sep 2005 13:56:15 -0700, Carl Worth wrote:
>   1) As a policy matter, all bug fixes committed to HEAD should also
>      be committed to the BRANCH_1_0 branch.

The above was perhaps not worded as carefully as it could have
been. The point is not necessarily that all bug fixes on HEAD are
appropriate for the branch. Instead, I was commenting on timing. That
is, when branch-appropriate fixes are committed to HEAD they should
also be simultaneously committed to the branch, (as opposed to a
process in which a branch maintainer later cherry-picks fixes from

>   2) We need a list of bugs that should be fixed before 1.0.2 is
>      released. Nominations can be made here on the list. I'll offer to
>      maintain the list in cairo/ROADMAP (more on this below).

I think we've got some important fixes on BRANCH_1_0 now. And since
we're starting to see some duplicate bug reports on some of these, I
think it's time to do a 1.0.2 release quite soon. I did a quick search
of all open bugs created since 2005-08-24 [*] (the cairo 1.0.0 release

I came up with criteria by which to exclude most of these bugs from
consideration for 1.0.2:

	Specific to experimental backends
	4258    Cannot set paper size in PDF
	4333 	cairo-glitz compile error
	4352 	Problem compiling glitz 0.4.4

	Not specific to cairo itself (ie. libsvg-cairo, bindings)
	4338 	text rendering to pdf/png of svg files incorrect...
	4400 	cairo-ocaml HEAD build failure against cairo-1.0.0: freet... 

	Not easy to reproduce, somehow system-specific?
	4274 	Text tests failing
	4373 	crash on app start

	"Just don't do that"
	4339 	xlib backend crash when using large font size

	low priority, cosmetic, or feature addition, not bug fix
	4262 	Add a cairo-ft.pc?
	4379 	Make compilation with -Wshadow less noisy

	Basically fixed
	4263 	Gradient on 'rounded rectangle' MUCH slower than normal r...

Note that none of the categorization above means that these bugs won't
ever be fixed. They just are not a priority for a very short-term
1.0.2 release.

That leaves just two open bugs which I have now added to the 1.0.2
roadmap (http://cairographics.org/ROADMAP):

4260 	Antialised font is rendered over green background

    Owen has a good patch for this for which he is hoping to get some
    review. Billy?

4299 	Assertion fails in "cairo-font.c" when using multithreads

    I've replicated this and am now looking into it more closely.


[*] All open cairo/pixman bugs since 2005-08-24:

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