[cairo] Adding dashing for curves for 1.0.2

John Ellson ellson at research.att.com
Sat Sep 10 09:16:24 PDT 2005

Carl Worth wrote:

>I think it makes sense to have this lame version of dashed curves in
>1.0.2. Then, before the 1.2.0 release I pretty much want to throw away
>all of the current stroking and dashing code and rewrite it to fix
>this problem, as well as to fix the problems discussed here:
>	cairo_stroke should go through backend_surface->fill_path
>	https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3752
>If anyone interested in dashed curves would experiment with the
>attached patch I would appreciate it.


Thanks very much for this patch.     It works for me,

Its good enough for graphviz' purposes such that I can declare the
graphviz-cairo renderer to be feature complete.


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