[cairo] [rcairo] move to Ruby-GNOME2?

Kouhei Sutou kou at cozmixng.org
Sun Sep 11 17:57:29 PDT 2005


In <7bf6f2dc0509110315591e2a00 at mail.gmail.com>
  "Re: [cairo] [rcairo] move to Ruby-GNOME2?" on Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:15:49 +0200,
  Øyvind Kolås <pippin at gimp.org> wrote:

> On 9/11/05, Kouhei Sutou <kou at cozmixng.org> wrote:
> > I'm one of the developers of Ruby-GNOME2 project. I want to
> > add GDK-Cairo interface support (which is implemented at
> > GTK+ 2.8) to Ruby/GTK2 (Ruby bindings for GTK+ 2.x).
> > 
> > To do this, it's convenient that Ruby-GNOME2 project
> > includes rcairo. If Ruby-GNOME2 project has rcairo, it's
> > easy to use rcairo's C API in the project.
> > 
> > *IMPORTANT NOTE*: If Cairo wants to have rcairo in Cairo's
> > repository/distribution, please *reject* this offer.
> For usage of rcairo outside Ruby-GNOME2, I think it is beneficial that
> project ties to  GTK be kept low. Rcairo is useful in for instance
> webapps implemented in ruby. And possibly also together with SDL.

Yes, you're right.
Thank you for teaching me your opinion.

> > But there are some problems:
> > 
> >   * Ruby-GNOME2 project has some coding rules. rcairo's API
> >     will be changed.
> Would this be the c-side API, or the ruby side API?

The Ruby-side API.
For example:
  XXX#set_yyy(val) # => self
  XXX#yyy=(val)    # => val

>                                                     The ruby side API
> should adhere as much as possible to the guidelines in
> http://www.cairographics.org/manual/language-bindings.html .


> Any adjustments needed to accomodate GDK-Cairo interface support in
> Ruby-GNOME2 would be most welcome.

Thank you. I'll make some patches.

> >   * Ruby-GNOME2 project requires LGPL licence but rcairo
> >     uses Ruby's.
> If rcairo remains in cairo|freedesktop CVS, I presume the current
> license is no problem since Ruby-GNOME2 already depends on
> libraries/code that is under the ruby license?

Yes. This problem is available if rcairo is included in
Ruby-GNOME2 project.


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