[cairo] Build problems under Win32/Mingw and Mac OS X 10.3

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Aug 11 16:52:28 PDT 2006

On Sat, 12 Aug 2006 01:27:58 +0200, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> >> configure does not detect quartz by default. I have to call it with
> >>
> >> --enable-quartz --enable-atsui.
> >>
> >> Is this possibly intentional?
> >
> > That is definitely not intentional. It tries to auto-detect the
> > presence of quartz and atsui. If you could look into config.log and
> > provide information as to why the check is failing on your system,
> > that would be useful.
> Wait a minute... quartz and atsui backends are still experimental in
> 1.2.2, aren't they? So it is intentional that they're disabled, and
> that you have to use the --enable-* flags to get them, right?

Oops. My mistake.

Yes, the statement above is correct. That quartz and atsui are
disabled by default is intentional. We want people to be presented with
the warning about the experimental state of these backends, (including
no API guarantees), before building them, and we want people to
explicitly acknowledge that by --enable options.

Sorry about the misinformation on my part.

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