[cairo] [PATCH] Generate Type 1 fonts from glyph outlines

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Wed Aug 30 09:08:06 PDT 2006

On 8/30/06, James Cloos <cloos at jhcloos.com> wrote:
> >>>>> "Carl" == Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> writes:
> Carl> Beyond the file size improvements, are there other benefits besides
> Carl> the xpdf rendering issue?
> It is not just xpdf, but just about every gui pdf app.

Not true, evince uses cairo for rendering and renders type3 fonts antialiased.

> If the type1 is done well, it can also benefit printing.

How does printing benefit?

> In general, it is an improvement to use type1 over type3 where
> possible.

Why?  Could you be more specific?


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