[cairo] git "performance" patchset # 1 available + a few questions

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Aug 31 05:51:29 PDT 2006

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 14:24:45 +0200, David Turner wrote:
> Anyway, I can send you right now a copy of the original patch files, but
> they were diff-ed against 1.1.6
> and I could never apply them to recent versions of Cairo,
> unfortunately.

I could make do with that just fine.

> I'll try to send you updated patches very soon. I've tried maintaining
> my own cairo git clone, but
> it seems I have a hard time to find a proper mental model on how git
> works and how to use
> it properly. I've lost my work twice through uncareful uses of "reset"
> and friends :-)

Oh, it's too bad you've lost work. That's no fun. It's perhaps worth
noting that even if you do something "destructive" like "git reset"
that it only moves references around. Previously-made commits can be
left "dangling", (with no branches referring to them), but they can be
recovered easily enough by running "git fsck-objects" to list the

On the other hand, "git prune" is truly destructive as it will delete
the unreachable objects.

But, yeah, git does take a bit of getting used to. I had the benefit
of sitting through a hands-on tutorial with someone very proficient in
git, and that was vastly more helpful than the things I was able to
read. I think I've also been successful at bringing new people up to
speed with git quite quickly in person, but I'm not yet aware of a
great means for acquiring the proper mental model by just reading
available tutorials.

> I have what looks like a working git repository of cairo, which includes
> my patches,
> unfortunately, "git diff" produces a *lot* of things that have strictly
> nothing to do with my changes.
> Since I'm a bit dismayed of this result, I think that the best approach
> would be to send individual
> patches to the mailing list, one by one, at least until I warp my cortex
> around git properly :-)

If you could find a way to get that git repository to me, then I could
definitely help you figure out what's going on. In the meantime, if
you can look at things in either "git log" or gitk and find the commit
IDs of your <first> and <last> commits, (assuming they're in a linear
sequence), then you should be able to extract them as patches easily
enough with a command like:

	git format-patch first..last

But, sure, if you don't want to be bothered with git, then just
sending the patches you have one by one to the list is perfectly

> - I've tried to subscribe to the cairo mailing list with my "official"
> address (i.e. david at freetype.org),
>   however, I've never received any confirmation e-mail from Mailman, nor
> any message from the
>   list. Do you have any idea why ? I have the same problems with other
> lists, like the fontconfig
>   one

Bizarre. I just manually subscribed that address. Please let me know
if you don't get the welcome message and if you don't get any list
messages to that address. If not, I'll get an admin who knows more
about mail than I do to look at the issue.

>   Friday the 15th of September. I encourage you to contact me through my
> official address;

OK, I'll try to remember to do that.

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