[cairo] Announcing cairo's new performance test suite: cairo/perf

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Aug 31 18:23:55 PDT 2006

Over the past couple of days, (and with a lot of help from Vladimir
Vukicevic and Benjamin Otte), I've added a new performance test suite
to cairo. It lives in cairo/perf and can be run by simply typing the

	make perf

If you run that you'll notice that there aren't a lot of tests in
there yet. And this is where I need help from everybody!

If you've ever been frustrated by poor cairo performance in one
situation or another, well here is your chance to prove the problem to
us and help us to fix it. All you have to do is right a simple
function that exercises the slow cairo code and then we'll throw that
function into the performance suite where we'll be able to track it
and improve it.

I've attached some detailed notes below (from cairo/perf/README) on
exactly what's involved in adding a new performance test case.

The performance suite is going to be a very valuable tool for tracking
the performance improvements we'll be making to cairo, and for
identifying the hottest of the hot spots. It's really this tool that
I've been waiting on before committing some outstanding performance
patches. Basically, just like with the cairo/test suite where we
already have a habit of always adding a new test demonstrating a
failure before every bug fix, I want to establish the discipline of
adding a new performance test to cairo/perf before committing a
performance improvement.

The tool is going to get a lot more interesting once we have various
charts being generated from the results, and those will be integrated
with the crucible testing of cairo at osdl.org.

So if someone wants a fun chance to write some cairo code, the code to
generate pretty charts from the raw data would be a great chance to
play, (and Benjamin has a great starting point already with the work he
did in gtk-theme-torturer).

But more importantly, what we really need from everyone is your
performance tests! Start sending them in and we'll do everything we
can to make them all go faster.

Have fun!


This is cairo's performance test suite.

To run the performance tests simply type:

	make perf

and the tests results will be printed on stdout

TODO: We'll want to add support for charting the results. Various
charts would be interesting:

  * For a given test, how does its performance scale as a function of
    image size

  * For a given test, how do the various backends perform

  * For a given test, how has the performance changed throughout the
    history of cairo development.

TODO: We'll also want to make it easy to run individual tests for
profiling, etc.

Creating a new performance test
This is where we could use everybody's help. If you have encountered a
sequence of cairo operations that are slower than you would like, then
please provide a performance test. Writing a test is very simple, it
requires you to write only a single function exercising the cairo
calls of interest.

Here is the basic structure of a performance test file:

    /* Copyright © 2006 Kind Cairo User
     * ... Licensing information here ...
     * Please copy the MIT blurb as in other tests

     #include "cairo-perf"

     my_new_test (cairo_t *cr, int width, int height)
         cairo_perf_timer_t timer;

         /* First do any setup for which the execution time should not
          * be measured. For example, this might include loading
          * images from disk, creating patterns, etc. */

         timer_start (&timer);

	 /* Now make the real cairo calls to be measured */

	 timer_stop (&timer);

	 /* Finally, any cleanup */

	 /* Then return the inverse of the time that elapsed so that
	  * the return value measures a rate, (how many times per
	  * second your code can be executed). We use rates rather
	  * than times for a "bigger is better" effect in the
	  * results. */

	 return 1.0 / timer_elapsed (&timer);

That's really all there is to writing a new test. Then, to fully
integrate this you just need to add your new test to three different
lists. (TODO: We should set this up better so that the lists are
maintained automatically---computed from the list of files in
cairo/perf, for example). Here's what needs to be added:

 1. Makefile.am: Add the new file name to the cairo_perf_SOURCES list

 2. cairo-perf.h: Add a new CAIRO_PERF_DECL line with the name of your function

 3. cairo-perf.c: Add a new row to the list at the end of the file. A
    typical entry would look like:

	{ "my_new_test", my_new_test, 16, 64 }

    The last two numbers are a minimum and a maximum image size at
    which your test should be exercised. If these values are the same,
    then only that size will be used. If they are different, then
    intermediate sizes will be used by doubling. So in the example
    above, three tests would be performed at sizes of 16x16, 32x32 and

Thanks for your contributions and have fun with cairo!
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